Latest Online Game List 2017 What You Should Not Miss

The glories of online PC games lately is fading. Strategies undertaken by the producers of the game the last two years more to touch the mobile world and the results have been extremely rapid. But even so, online games still have a special place in the hearts of gamers. Here is a list of the latest online games 2017 will and have been released, among others.



1. Ragnarok Online Classic also included in the list of the latest online gaming PCs in 2017
Ragnarok Online RO certainly is not foreign to the ear, especially for the game lovers. The gameplay is able to keep the defense in the game strong competition and quality for more than ten years of this re-launch the game with a fresh version. Version and launched a new nuance of course simultaneously with switching hands RO currently belong Gravindo. More classic theme selected Gravindo to attract gamers to display the Map kladik, 2-1 job, MPV Card Dopn On as well as upgrades to +10. The latest output gravinco game was released in January 2017 which makes it one of the latest PC games online.

2. Special Force Indonesia
Games that you can enjoy in the 2017 next Indonesian Special Force. PlayPark slide game is a prequel of the same game that was released two years ago, precisely in 2015 Special Force II. Game besukan outside developers have to keep entering FPS gameplay as the hallmark of the title of this game. In addition, the release of this game is designed to evoke the epic e-Sports which is also scheduled to be diturnamenkan with peak Special Force World Championshio or SFWC which will be held in the Philippines.


3. RF Online Classic
Lyto company did not want to lose to present tebaru game in 2017 is the RF Online Classic. Apparently nostalgic theme is also carried by Lyto to attract gamers. RF Online, which had been released previously updated though. This makes about RF Online is promotional Classic is done at full speed. The promotion is one done at the event gamers community meeting last November. The success of the event gathering held by Lyto opened the way this game into the latest international online game that is ready to be enjoyed by lovers of online games or online gamers.

4. Kingdom Under Fire II
This game is a merger between ame action, adventure and strategy in a formula and unity game Kingdom Under Fire II. The new genre that was carried by the developers of this game is MMOARTS-RPG that stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online Action Real-Time Strategy Role Playing Game”. Gamers who play online games will find their own preoccupations because gamerslah which will set the main character or characters to play, and determine the forces that want dipinpin in battle. Character or the main character in Kingdom Under Fire II will be directly above the battlefield. Even the war strategy and troop levels can also specify gamers while playing. In addition, the other things that make this game very interesting to play is a Real Time Strategy gameplay elements or RTS deep in this game.


5. Dragon Ball Online
New news in the gaming world is still warm is about the online game Dragon Ball which according to news spread will be launched in early 2017. According to a reliable source, Dragon Ball Online will soon be released by the game publisher in Indonesia and became one of the upcoming PC games 2017, however, the version and the time has been no official word.

Online game would have been very eagerly awaited by lovers presence online game especially in this new year. Hopefully new online game list 2017 PC above can provide fresh air for gamers.

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