Musou Stars Presents 4 New Character in the newest Update –¬†Yesterday precisely Tecmo Koei has distributed four video footage associated with the action of the four new characters that will be present in an update on the game Musou Stars. Four new character is none other than serial Nobunyaga Oda Samurai Cats, Rio Tachibana of Super Blackjack, Setsuna (original character Musou Stars) and Mitsunari from Samurai Warriors.

Previously, some other characters like Ryu Hayabusa had preceded, Oka, Sanada Yukimura, Zhao Yun, Hajime Arima, until Honoka. Each character will have a unique style, skills and attacks are typical, so therefore add to the excitement in defeating hundreds of AI that attack. AI system itself in the game Musou Stars have also been updated and looks more diverse and interesting. As for the maps, will adopt some of the maps that have been used in the Dynasty Warriors series which incidentally belongs flagship game Tecmo Koei.

The plan Musou Stars will release for the PS4 and PS Vita first region of Japan on March 2, 2017. As for the global release, Tecmo Koei still keep it secret. While waiting yuk see the trailer below.



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